Pricing, Waiting List & Health Guarantee

We at Angels Cove take pride in raising the perfect pet for you! We provide our puppies with a clean environment and feed them only the very best of food. Our puppies are wormed and vacinated on a regular basis. We play with our puppies every day, so they will easily adapt when they come home to you. A written health guarantee comes with each puppy. We raise small to medium size, second, third & fourth generation cockapoos ranging from 8-15 pounds, depending on the size of the parents.

Our cockapoo puppies are priced at $1200. Delivery is available within 100 miles of us for a small fee & air transportation is available throughout the continental United States and costs $350.00 or more, this includes the veternary inspection, health certificate, airline approved crate, air-fare and insurance.

Waiting List & Deposit Policy

The demand for cockapoos is getting so great, it dictates that we should host a formal waiting list to try to reserve the type of cockapoo that you truly desire. All future litters at "Angels Cove Cockapoos" will be subject to, but not limited to, the following procedure. To get a guaranteed position on the waiting list takes a fee of $100 - which will be applied to your puppy purchase price. Orders for pups are filled by order of date requested; no repeat orders are needed once you have been placed on the waiting list. Everybody on the list is notified of all new pups unspoken for, so they have the option of changing their minds on color/sex to get a pup sooner. After all the people who have paid a fee for a guaranteed position on the waiting list are taken care of then we will contact those on our mailing list. Please note that "Waiting List" fees and "Deposits" are NOT refundable, if you decide later on that you do not want a puppy, etc. When we have matched you with the puppy you want, a 50% "Deposit" (less the $100.00 waiting list fee) will hold your puppy until it is ready to come home to you. The balance & shipping money (if applicable) is due when your puppy is 6 weeks old. If you wish to confirm a position on our waiting list you can click on the link below & fill out our short application form. Our moms range from 8-18 lbs. - Our Dads are from 8 - 10 lbs.

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Your Cockapoo Warranty (And Bill Of Sale)

Angels Cove Cocka poos’ works closely with their veterinarians to insure that all pups are to the best of their knowledge in excellent health, and free of infectious communicable diseases. Buyer has been advised of any pertinent medical history and current status of immunity. Your puppy has a 72 hour warranty against infectious communicable disease and as such buyer is urged to have their puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within 1 week from the date buyer assumes possession of puppy. Parasites are not warranted against. While we do routinely medicate against parasites they are common in the course of a pup’s life. If in the event puppy is found to be sufficiently medically unsound as to warrant return, the buyer shall immediately notify seller. A hand written statement of all findings from the examining veterinarian shall accompany the returning puppy. In the unlikely event puppy were to die - laboratory confirmation of cause of death or an autopsy will be required, at the owner’s expense. It is the buyer's monetary responsibility to return said puppy to seller. Puppy will then be replaced with a like puppy as soon as one becomes available. Your puppy is further warranted against life threatening congenital defects until the age of one year. Absolutely no money will be refunded. It is clearly understood that the seller shall NOT assume liability for veterinary expenses incurred by buyer unless through prior arrangements. In which case, seller reserves right of choice of treating veterinarian. Sale is to be considered as initiated, and finalized in Hocking County, Ohio. Please understand that your puppy is to be spayed or neutered by 6 Months of age. Our puppies are sold as pets ONLY unless authorized by Angels Cove to be used for breeding stock. Permission is to be given FIRST.

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